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I have been making and wearing beads since childhood.  Still today, I wear beads in my hair, to decorate my clothes, as jewelry and adornments.  I try to buy/make matching sets whenever possible and find a balance to wearing beaded jewelry since mixing and matching pieces can be a challenge.  Craft store plated silver and wire jewelry metals causes my skin to have an allergic reaction.  I have compared plated vs gold filled, what are seed beads and glass pearls.



Since pure gold is way too expensive, which of these would you choose? Luckily, I don't get the allergic reaction with gold-filled.  I think I will for now on take the advice of one of the sites to bring my pieces regularly in for service. 

Glass Beads
Beads that are made from glass.  They can be manufactured or handmade, comes in many sizes from seed* beads to glass pearls. The "seed" beads, they come in various colors used to fill-in beaded pieces; and may or may not be of the same size.*

Pearls real or fake?

Glass pearls will have a glassy look/shine, have the same size and may chip its coating.

Fresh/Salt water pearls are cultured from shelled mollusks and  each have irregularities.