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What's "Pippi" Locs

4-braid "pippi" locs

"Pippi" comes from the children's story series written by Astrid Lingren.,  where Pippi Longstockings wear 2 wacky braids. plus I was called "Pippi" alot growing up...

 ""Locs" the several braids surrounding the head gives the appearance of Coilylocks.  Plus, it is a good alternative to wearing traditional Coilylocs.  I fondly call my 4-braids "Pippi" Locs. You can add more braids for denser hair.  Click on the video to see four ways to style your "Pippi" Locs.

*Some consider PippiLocs a protective style, but they can also be worn as a style.* 

My Hair Journey

Maintaining long hair these days is expensive from having to use more product to being charged "extra" at the salon. (I think having to pay more even when I bring my own products, is totally ridiculous!  :-P ).  I stopped thermaling and decided to go natural in 2012. I didn't want to undergo the "big chop", so I began using the L.O.C method (Liquid, Oil, Cream).  My favorite cream is "Curlade" by Camille Rose (retails at Walmart @ $14.99).   For the oil, I use a homemade hair dressing.  I must say though, since using this recipe, my permed and bleached hair has rebounded most of it's elasticity (especially at the ends), and my hair stays moisturized in-between washes.  The hairdressing can control frizz, it works as a heat protectant, a scalp treatment, a light pomeade, etc.  I do not have issues with this hairdressing being "greasy" either.  My hair and skin seems to absorb it quickly.  For the liquid, I use Lustersilk's setting lotion (concentrated purple formula) diluted with water.  The question I am asked the most is, "Is it hard to maintain?"  Since going natural, I have made hair maintenance part of my daily beauty routine; because if I allow my hair to get matted or un-kept, detangling always end up tearful (I'm quite tender headed).  Pippi Locs are my go-to protective style because I could go casual to elegant in a matter of minutes!

Homemade Hairdressing


1 stick Cocoa Butter
1 cup Shea Butter

1/4 cup olive oil

1 cup coconut oil*/ jojoba/grapeseed/

1 tsp Black seed oil

Double pot boiler with water


Pour enough water into bottom pot not to float or have buoyancy, but enough for the steam to melt ingredients without bubbling water into top pot. Put ingredients into the top pot, place top pot into bottom pot and melt ingredients.  Then store in sealing container.  You can use as an oil and a cream.  Hairdressing will solidify when cooled but still creamy.  To re-use as oil, place container into hot water and hairdressing will re-melt.