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Custom Toyz

I am so happy I was able to acquire this Barbie A-frame dreamhouse! This one has been on my wishlist since a child.  Customizing this was a real pleasure.
Barbie A-frame Dreamhouse

Barbie Travel Train (2001 Mattel)

I found this 2001 Barbie Travel Train at a local thrift store for $6.99! This train came out around 2001 and Its original color was a "lilac" purple.  This train didn't come with any accessories or the attachable floor boards.


Barbie Helicopter

Mattel showing out with this new vehicle for Barbie.  It is not ridiculously priced and easy to assemble.  After two minutes of play, I had this sudden idea to see  what is under the screw that seems to be holding the propellers.  Well, that's all what it was... There was only the screw there holding the propellers to the top of the body!  Hmm, what if I can make the propellers spin on it's own?