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D.I.Y Bling


So you want to make Arm Candy eh? This is the place whether it is sewing, embellishing, painting, embroidery, etc; all of these elements turn something plain into the best fashion statement ever! So before you roll with that new outfit that the store had several copies of, DIY bling it and own the look!  With that said, let's bust out the arts and crafts..

No seriously...

Early D.I.Y Bling

Bead Projects

Bead and Button Closure
This is my "go-to" closure for most beaded art pieces.  The bead and button closure is made up of a button strung with beads on one end of the beaded art piece and a beaded loop on the opposite end. 

Beaded Loop are beads strung in a loop as a closure.
Adjustable loop is a beaded loop with a beaded control arm so that the beaded loop can extend and adjust fit.
A weft (bead weaving) is the crosswise threads in a beaded piece or loom.

*Beaded loop (left)
Adjustable beaded loop (right)*