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The tomato plants were the first to sprout after a week, but they are growing too rapidly.  So to make sure that their stems are strong enough and that they survive until they are ready to go outside.  I have to assimilate the wind by placing a fan on them and bring them closer to the sunlight. 

After six weeks in the house, here are the tomato plants planted into a plant box after the last frost. 

After six weeks in the house, here are the jalapeno plants transferred in to the ground.  I have planted jalapenos before, so I know they will thrive in this tough Tennessee soil.  I'm also happy that 90% of the seeds germinated became plants. 

Since I am learning the soil in this area that I'm in, I also tried planting direct sow seeds like, corn and spinach,. I think the soil was too tough because I didn't get to see new seedling sprouts over where they were planted.  However, it may not be the soil, because my garden is visited by a "night" forager.  The jalapeno and tomato plants are not bothered but other new sprouts from seeds blown by the wind are somehow de-weeded from my garden.    

Then, dig up and bring your best plants inside for the winter!! Don't forget to plant seeds for next springs garden!