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Winter, Spring and Summer!

Recycled Water Bottle Seed Starter

You will need: Empty water bottle, jiffy pellet refill/soil, and seed packet.

Poke holes at bottom of bottle to allow water to drain. Follow the directions on the box of the pellet refill; and plant seed(s) as directed on the seed pack.  Cover the newly planted seed with capped dome (remember to lift dome periodically to give soil some air.)

With scissors, carefully cut the dome off the water bottle (keep the cap), set aside.

This technique also works with larger water jugs as well!!
Some seeds would need to be cold first before it could germinate, so I usually start those seeds in late December-to-January or whenever I hear the first migrating bird flying back around late January-to-February.  Since I live in the southeast,  the winters are typically mild and the natural warming and cooling cycle (warm and cold fronts weather) for seeds occur around this time as well...