What Sew Funny

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One day on the farm lived a cow, a pig and a round-dog. Suddenly, they saw a BIG EGG! The cow said, "...the egg might belong to a VERY BIG BIRD!" The round-dog sniffed and then sat on the egg. The egg started floating in the air. The animals began to wonder if the egg was flying before the mama bird taught it!  The egg went up very high into the sky.  Next, it went passed an airplane; the animals thought it was the egg's mom. The egg then began doing loop-de-loops and barrel rolls and other kinds of stunts. The animals thought the airplane was teaching the egg TRICKS! Suddenly, the animals saw the egg go through the ENGINE OF THE PLANE!!!!!!!POP!!!!!!!         THE END!!

GhostBusters: Protect the Barrier Board Game

Best family board game!

The Trees Can Walk

Once upon a time, long ago, before the trees could walk, there were lush forests lining the Elgin River. The trees of the forest grew very tall into the sky and as hefty as redwoods. Every day the light giver sails over the sky and the trees grew taller and taller to wave.  As the sun came and went the forest became so crowded that when it rains no raindrops ever touches the ground!  One day the sun crossed the sky and it saw the trees on the island was no longer waving and happy to see it, but instead they were fighting.  As the sun rose closer the trees noticed it, then swayed at the sun.  Shocked at what it saw, the sun asked, "Why are you trees fighting?" The trees replied, "our forest is full, we can't move our trunks, our branches get tangled." The sun slowed as it thought, Moon almost sped past it.  "Sup Sun?! Why you still on my block, yo? "Que pasa, Lil Moon (slapping 5's) you up already?" "Yea, I just got a call about over crowding and getting it done half-fast." "So, Lil Moon, what do you have in mind for them?" "Behold, they can move!" The sun did see movement in the forest, then trees begin to fall.  Getting hot the sun asked, "why are the trees falling now moon?" Moon chuckles to itself then replies, "those trees instigated the fighting..." Soon the sun saw more movement into the forest near the wide Elgin River.  He saw trees racing to cross to the other side and fainting from waterlog.  The sun looked away, some of it's beloved trees are floating and sinking in the river.  "Moon, why they sink, why they float?" "Could not be helped and stubborn...Look again Sun" It spun around, then paused as it watched the remaining trees learn themselves, learn their forest, then build a boat to cross the Elgin river..." "All set, that's what's up!" The next day, the sun rose to watch trees reaching the other side they were warned of ever forgetting they are forest trees, to plant many seeds and don't forget to wave...

K'bub the Wrestler

Once upon a time there was an american wrestler that won the ultimate grand master wrestling tournament.  He won lots of prizes and a ring.  But the ring was extra special.  That, when you press a button, the ring turns into a special landscape that interferes with the opponent in many ways.  There was a tiny button that activates it.  One day, when the wrestler named, K'bub, was on the internet. He saw that he was signed up for a match with the Crusher.  Then K'bub thought, fighting him won't be so bad. He thought he would overpower his opponent just by overthrowing him off the ring. He thought he could overtake him by jabbing him. So K'bub got in the car and started to drive to the New Baya Wrestling stadium without training first.  K'bub was driving on the freeway when micro-bots (a mini-robot, the size of a cookie) destroyed his car's battery. K'bub jumps out of his car, then takes down a few micro-bots.  He noticed they were powered by a very tiny, shiny micro-battery. So he took the battery out and on the label it said : The Crushers Brand batteries. He replaced his busted battery with the micro-bots biotic battery. The battery upgraded K'bub's car to travel in Hyper-speed. Because of the upgrade K'bub's got there early and found out that the wrestling ring will be turned into a Jungle. When the time had come for K'bub's wrestling match, he rolled onto the ring and a that exact same moment "Crusher" got on the ring. K'bub made the first move and jabbed "Crusher" with a "snake-chair", with his opponent staggered K'bub went in for the take-out. K'bub grabbed "Crusher's" leg down on the at for 2 seconds. Ding, Ding, Tap-out! "Crusher" got out of K'bub's hold and got a picnic table and broke it on him.. K'bub recovered quickly and slammed him to the ground and pinned him down. 1.2.3 Ding, Ding, Ding! K'bub won the match even when "Crusher" tried to sabotage him. K'bub got a trophy too, when he got home he put it on his achievement shelf. THE END!