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Hey, Hey M.U.D.D Mache Clay!

QA Test #1: MUDD clay can be dehydrated at 150* with convection fan on in convection oven.

Air-drying is recommended for MUDD clay and quick-dry convection oven method is for only 3hr supervised, then allow art piece to Air-dry (usually takes around 3days). Drying time always depends upon WHAT is created! Clean oven after it's usage for drying.

One day we were bored at the house and it was a perfect day for creating. I found a paper mache recipe online called "the ultimate paper mache." I suddenly had a thought to make a "door guardian" using masks!  However the paper mache recipe always came out messy and sticky! It was originally created to be slathered onto an armature...

But we needed our mache/medium to be easily picked up like clay and forms can be made from it!

After studying a few products and experimenting, here is an amazing air-dry clay that can be manipulated with your hands and can easily be sculpted.  It has the feel of wet dryer lint...M.U.D.D! The children give it 10 fingers up!


 M.U.D.D Mache Clay


In my attempt to use up most of the M.U.D.D mache mix. I also made several other knick-knacks that could go on display in the house. 

Can  also be dyed...

Finished projects!!!

Tiki Head

Door Guardian

Tiki Head