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Sewing Inspirations

New Sloper 3.0!

There were a few minor issues with fit at the shoulder and back. I had to shorten the back pattern piece and make adjustments at the front and back shoulder seams.  At last, this shirt fits great! 

Patchwork Mini-dress

I purchased a needlework book from a street vendor during our travels, and it has a patchwork section that caught my interest.  This project was a lot of fun.  I love the wax print fabrics' bright colors and durability, and I have a new way to use the scrap fabric lying around.

Maxi Skirt in Wax print Fabric

***Photo was captured from Pinterest. 

I used Simplicity Pattern #4188 to get a close mock-up to the sewing inspiration photo on the left.  I needed pattern adjustments at the knee line for finished garment to reach the floor.
Holiday pants using mama's skinny pants pattern with side zipper and pockets.

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