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Queen Enfinite: The Tailor


Characters/subjects depicted in the stories and films are fictional. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblances to real persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental.

I create the following story and visual work to make Sci-Fi soap-drama movies with miniatures, fold ups and play-sets. 


Francine Dene Le' Bean

Papaikoko Le' Bean

Tamikoko Le' Bean & Kajani Le' Bean

Verde Bean

D'Sol Bean Sr.

Kandyce, Kenya and D'Sol Jr.

And Friends...

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-New Baya Universe

-A cluster of star-worlds that orbit close distances outside of the rings of planette New Baya.

New Baya

-A very lush and green vegetative "planette" that has in it's rings three other Moons (Ma, Earth, Luna)

-a landmass in the southern sea region of plane Ma.  It has triple mountain peaks, Mt. Sol-Bean (southwest), Mt. New Baya (southeast) and Mt. Mot'chiefa at the apex of the landmass.  New Baya City is the capital city, located south of Mt. New Baya. It has the next largest population to a popular beach city, New Mesa Naranja.   An enchanted rain forest covers the northern hemisphere of the landmass and it surrounds Mt. Mot'chiefa.  The fresh waters of the Elgin River spirals from the melting snow of Mt. Mot'cheifa, in four directions.  Mt. Mot'chiefa is the tallest of the peaks and was once a volcano... 

Sol-Bean Corp.

-D'Sol Bean Sr.'s family business

-a very large science research conglomerate that creates technology for all aspects of life (air, land, sea and space).
-located on Mt. Mot'chiefa

Sisters In Style
-Band sisters Francine, Marigold, Mia and Zachia rock'n it out.
-A popular band throughout New Baya..

Story times...

Chapter 1: Tamikoko phone Home!

Kandyce: This shop has gotten so busy and cramped!
Tamikoko: Yea, we're going to need extra hands!
{jingle, jingle, the door to the shop opens, then closes}
A handsome customer walks in to the fashion boutique and is greeted by Kandyce.  It was her brother, D'Sol Jr! He had a list of garments that he needed made for him.  Kandyce always thought D'Sol would be a perfect match for her friend, so she decides to play match maker.
Kandyce: Gee, Tamikoko, (sigh) I just remembered there's something I forgot to do, bye!
Tamikoko takes the list, grabs her notepad and measuring tape. Then, she leads D'Sol Jr into the fitting room.  Kandyce handled the other guests while Tamikoko work with D'Sol Jr and his list...
 D'Sol Jr. finally emerged from the fitting room holding a stack of newly sewn clothing as Tamikoko pinned a receipt to it.
Kandyce: I'm just going to get my bag, I'll be right out... (Kandyce says to D'Sol Jr.)
D'Sol Jr: Kandyce is showing me around town.  I would love it if you join us? (D'Sol Jr. says to Tamikoko leaning onto the counter.)
Tamikoko: ...I don't know...(Tamikoko replies scratching her head as Kandyce returns.)
Kandyce: Come on Tamikoko!  It would be fun!  We haven't hung out in like forever!
Tamikoko: Well, alright... (she agrees, because she really wanted to)
{they leave together}
They ended up at a Karaoke Restaurant and Bar.  Kandyce sneaks away to call her husband, Kajani.  Tamikoko was constantly looking around for Kandyce to return until her phone lit up.  She felt her heart skip as she read the text from Kandyce informing her of her sneaky exit. 
Tamikoko: Looks like it's just us now...
D'Sol Jr: Come on let's dance!
{they dance all night}
Tamikoko was tired from dancing the night before.  She didn't come in to the fashion boutique the very next day.  Kandyce stops by to check on her. Later on, Tamikoko's mother, Francine, calls her requesting that she come home! 
D'Sol Jr was relieved that he was able to spend time with one of his twin sisters while he was in New Baya. He doesn't know if she is aware of the whirlpools that are wreaking havoc around town, so he had listened quietly as she and her friend complain about the problems they have with their boutique. 
D'Sol Jr finished his interview with a local resident, then begin to call a construction company affiliate.
D'Sol Jr thought about his night out with Tamikoko...
"Tamikoko is a great seamstress and dancer!" He thought.
Coincidentally, the construction company was already scheduled.
Operator: Yes, a crew has already been scheduled to make the repairs.
D'Sol Jr: Who is it billed to?
Operator: Says here, a Papaikoko Le'Bean
D'Sol Jr: Forward the invoice to my desk.  Thanks, bye..{beep-beep}
When Kandyce visited, Tamikoko informed her of her leave and prepares for the trip home.
Kandyce is finding out that managing the shop without Tamikoko is challenging! 

D'Sol Jr. arrives at the marina with two boatmen in training.  They met Papaikoko at the pier near his large yacht.

Boatman 1: Why are we taking such a large vessel? The Elgin River can get shallow in some areas.

Papaikoko: This baby can glide on any water surface and it has the size, power and speed to buoy any whirlpool and even some maelstroms.

They board Papaikoko's ship.  The extra boatmen took positions on the ship as Papaikoko coxswain their steering.  They cruised the southward pour of the Elgin River, then took an eastward tributary to the eastward pour near New Baya.  Papaikoko saw the wreckage of boat cars along the banks of the river.  They rescued everyone that was distressed.
Papaikoko: Let's get back in time for the Sisters in Style concert.  Increase the speed 10 knots.
Boatman 2: Aye, Aye, captain!

Tamikoko is visiting her "old" folks in the country, on Far, Far Away Street, Mt. Sol-bean.  It has been a while since Tamikoko was home. The house is noisy as usual with people and audio equipment assembling. With Zachia still recuperating, just how long will Tamikoko have to fill-in for the hottest band around New Baya?!  Tamikoko catches Francine by surprise, cleaning one of the guest rooms. Her room. 

Francine: ooh, Tamikoko, I'm so glad you are home!

Tamikoko: Why did you ask me to fill-in for Zachia? I could be helpful, but how, I can't sing!

Francine: Relax, you'll play your wind instrument... Bean-Bean will deliver your outfit for the performance and dinner will be ready later...

Tamikoko: Thanks mom, you're the best!

D'Sol's investigation has brought him to Mount Sol-Bean.  His last interviewee referred him to the best navigator in New Baya.  D'Sol Jr. arrives in front of the "navigator's" house. He notices the home seem to be hosting an event... or something...
Francine, Marigold and Mia are jamming away in the great room.  Bean-Bean reluctantly heard the doorbell from the kitchen.  He opened the door. It was D'Sol Jr requesting to speak with Papaikoko.  Bean-Bean lead the way to him.  D'Sol Jr thought his ear drums would explode how turnt up the music was.  Finally, he was led to an office near a spiral staircase.  In there, he found a stylish old man.
D'Sol Jr: {er, um} My name is...
Papaikoko: D'Sol Bean Junior!  I know who you are, looking more and more like your father.  What are you doing here?
D'Sol Jr: Well, do you know how I could navigate whirlpools?
Papaikoko: Whirlpools? Whirlpools where?!
D'Sol Jr: All over, there's a maelstrom currently wreaking havoc off shores near New Baya.
Papaikoko: {pause} Has anyone gotten pulled in?
D'Sol Jr: No one reported, but a lot of them are displaced.
Papaikoko: whirlpools are simple for me to navigate, but the question is, what is causing them?
D'Sol Jr: I'm currently finding that out!
Tamikoko descends the spiral staircase and stops at the office.
Tamikoko: Hey D! Why are you here with my dad?
D'Sol Jr: Your dad!? {slowly turning back to Papaikoko behind him}
Tamikoko: Since you're here, I think I left some keys in your car?
D'Sol Jr: Oh yea, I have them. {he hands the keys over}
Tamikoko grabs them, then hurries to band practice.
Papaikoko: "Keys in your car..?"
D'Sol Jr: Kandyce is my sister.  They showed me around town on my recent visit there...
Papaikoko: You should ask your father about the whirlpools.  In the meantime, meet me at my boat.

Francine, Marigold, Mia and Tamikoko prepare for their concert at Rock N' Royals stadium.  Francine checks the crowd for Papaikoko.  "...still not here," she says to herself.  She closed the curtain to her dressing room.  Mia starts warming up on her electric violin.  Tamikoko tightens her reed, while Marigold shines her "axe".  Without any more time to spare, the ladies take the stage.

Papaikoko and D'Sol Jr made it to the concert before the first song began.  Francine spotted them as they made their way to the VIP section.

{Sisters in Style gave the best performace they could.}

Papaikoko: Where are you going with that?

D'Sol Jr: I'm a fan of Sisters in Style {says cautiously and scratches head} this is for the new member of the group...

Papaikoko: I bet (looks at D'Sol suspiciously), let's hurry, the VIP section is this way....

Barbie Car gets Ghost Buster fan makeover!


Production News

Chapter 2: What Glimmers?